About Us

Morphosis Holdings Pte Ltd

Morphosis Holdings is a conglomerate of business with a vision to create seeding fund and series A funding for aspiring entrepreneurs and continually explore international business opportunities in variety fields across Asia and continue to offer innovative investment options coupled with value added industry. We are reaching expected revenue growth with continually explore international business opportunities in different fields especially technologies and app industry. The Group Chairman Peter Tan Shou Yi, a successful business owner of honor and integrity, has more than 20 companies in real estate, business consultancy, concierge service, and venture investor across Asia. An avid writer, Peter has authored more than 28 edition motivational books and is a very much sought after as a professional and inspirational speaker internationally, especially the Asia Pacific region. Being a well-rounded entrepreneur, his strong belief in caring and sharing has led him to support and donate to schools and SMU in Singapore.


  • To generate consistent and sustainable returns from investment.
  • To achieve this objective, we continue to practice the values that stand at the core of our professional philosophy.
  • Excellence in investment techniques along with the best personnel in the industry allows us to achieve consistent top quality in all our endeavors.

Group Of Companies



 PTO Entertainment Pte Ltd

PTO Entertainment is not merely an organization. Comprising many subsidiary companies and well-placed network affiliates, PTO Entertainment can deliver all your entertainment requirements. From musical artistes to blockbuster movies, PTO Entertainment has the resources, connections, and most importantly, the ability to bring joy and entertainment to Singapore and the Asia-Pacific Region.


PTO Movies

 PTO Movies Pte Ltd

PTO Movies is one of the fastest-growing film production companies, with interests in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. With our strong position in one of Asia’s most vibrant arts scenes, we are making significant contributions to the regional film industry.


Shou Yi Entertainment Co Ltd (China)

Shou Yi Entertainment merging a passion for production and event with high level of creative solution. She intend to invest in promising business of cultural, educational, and entertainment in China.


D&D Financial Services Pte. Ltd.

D&D Financial Services is founded on 2005 by Mr. Peter Tan Shou Yi. Using his years of experience and expertise in the financial industry, she is the platform to provide consultation services to entrepreneurs & SME’s.


PTO Property Omega Investment Pte. Ltd.

PTO Property Omega Investment Pte. Ltd. takes a long term view to invest commercial properties in Singapore.


PTO Institute of Excellence Pte. Ltd

PTOIE provides organizations for learning and their training needs. Engaging renowned businessman and entrepreneur Mr. Peter Tan Shou Yi as the master trainer of these courses helps organizations with their spiritual, professional, personal, and financial development and the programs seek to empower to achieve more with less. To be better than the best individuals, so as to bring out their inner potential